FAQs & Policies

Freqently Asked Questions

Why hire a professional pet sitter instead of the neighborhood teen?
Hiring a professional pet sitting company will give you peace of mind. You will be hiring a professional, insured pet sitter or dog walker that will give your pets the important care and love they need while you are away. They will make sure your home is secure and your pets are loved and happy at each visit. They will also check for mail and packages, turn lights on and off, open and close blinds and curtains, and contact you if something is amiss.
What type of pets do you care for?
We care for dogs, cats, fish, small animals and reptiles. We will also care for your plants inside and outside of your home.
What time of day will the sitters come to my home?
Our sitters can visit your home up to 4 times a day.
Morning 7:30 to 9:30AM
Midday 10:AM to 2:30PM
Afternoon/Dinner 3PM to 6PM
Evening/Bedtime 7PM to 9PM
Do I need to schedule a meet and greet?
Yes, before we can start seeing your pet or pets we need to meet with you to go over their routine and get comfortable with your pet(s). It gives you a chance to show us where everything will be and tell us how you would like us to take care of your pet.
How do I make a reservation?

Easy, just log into your Time to Pet portal and request services. From the calendar view click on the days you need, the service you need in the drop down box and the time you would like each service to take place.

Can I make a reservation through my sitter?

No, all requests need to go through our office. We use Time to Pet to assure that all of your pet sitting needs are fulfilled. You can login to your portal and request services or contact our office directly.

Are you insured?
Yes we are insured and bonded through Business Insurers of the Carolinas.
How do I change or cancel a reservation?

Through your Time to Pet portal you may log in to change or cancel a reservation. Keep in mind there might be a charge if you cancel too late. You may also call our office 404-452-3225.

Do you work holidays?
Yes we work all holidays so you can enjoy yours. There is an extra charge for holidays.
How does my sitter get into my home?

We only keep keys for those clients living in apartments. Others will be asked to secure their key someplace safe on their property, for example a lockbox or hide-a-key. You may also give us your garage door code or codes to other door locks.

Can I tip my sitter and if so how should I do that?
Gratuity is always appreciated. It allows you to acknowledge the dedication your pet sitter or dog walker has given your pet, you and your home. You may add the tip to your invoice when you log in to pay or you may leave cash or checks for the sitter or sitters. 100% goes to the sitter or dog walker.
How do I pay Lezlie’s Pet Sitting?

We use Time to Pet to create and secure your information. Once you have scheduled a reservation we will send you a confirmation with the link to pay. All vacation clients are required to pay in full prior to departure.

Policies and Procedures


Rates and Fees

Rates and Fees can be accessed through our website.



Lezlie’s Pet Sitting accepts payment via credit card through our secure merchant account. You may also pay by check if the check is received in our office before the date of departure.


Payment Process

We will email your detailed service order invoice for your review. You can then let us know if any changes need to be made to the order. You will need to pay your account 5 days before your departure. With the exception of weekly walk which shall be paid no later than Friday of the week they have been completed.


We do not provide refunds, but use the remaining amount as a credit balance (only when the appropiate cancellation requirements have been met, see cancellations below) on your account for future pet care needs. Your credits expire after 6 months. Dog walking credit, the walk must be cancelled with a minimum of 24 hours notice, otherwise no credit will be given.

Business Hours

Our regular business hours are Monday-Friday from 9am to 4pm. The office is closed on weekends and all Federal holidays. Calls are monitored for emergencies when the office is closed. All other calls are returned during regular business hours.


Your reservation is only confirmed when you have received a final invoice/confirmation via e-mail. To make a reservation you may use our on-line scheduling system, send us an email or call the office at 404-452-3225. Messages left are not considered confirmations.



We adhere to a strict policy of NO OVERBOOKING. Therefore, once you have contracted services, we will turn away business in order to accommodate your schedule. You will be charged for all visits without proper notice of cancellation.

  • Mid Day Break/Walks: 24 hours notice of cancellation
  • Pet Sitting non holiday cancellation: Requires 5 days notice to receive a full refund. You may still incur an $25 administrative fee.
  • Pet Sitting Holiday cancellation: Requires 2 weeks notice from the day of departure. Holidays are New Years Eve and Day, Winter Break (February), Spring Break (April), Memorial Weekend, 4th of July Week, Labor Day Weekend, Fall Break and from November 15th to December 30 (this encompasses the Thanksgiving holiday and Christmas break). Please contact us if you have any questions.
  • Early returns may not be refunded. If you are not certain about your return date you must notify LPS prior to your departure.

Visit Hours

Morning and Late Night visits are scheduled between 7am & 9pm, Mid Days between 11am & 3pm and Evening between 4pm & 6pm. We also accommodate unique needs and circumstances. Pricing begins at $23 for 20 minutes for one pet and $27 for 30 minutes for one pet. We also offer 45 minutes for $37. Each additional pet is $3.


Friends and Family Access

We understand that your friends and families may want to check in on your pets while you are gone however our policy is to not provide “shared” pet care with outside services, friends, family etc. It is of course nothing to do with your friends, it has to do with our insurance policy. It’s in place should anything happen with your house, our worse something with your pet(s) while they are in care of your friends, or while they were in your home, Lezlie’s Pet Sitting, LLC could be held liable, even thought we were not responsible. We will not provide service for pets with another party. If you have questions along these lines please contact our office directly. If we arrive at your home and there is an unexpected person in your home, we will leave the premises and report our finding to the local authorities. Additionally, Lezlie’s Pet Sitting is not responsible for any damages incurred to or in your home or to your pet during any time period that anyone other than Lezlie’s Pet Sitting, LLC has access to your home.

Last Minute Service

Sometimes emergencies happen – our goal is to help you when you need it most, even at the last minute. However, do not assume that we have received your last minute request until you have received an invoice/confirmation via e-mail. A $10 fee will apply to reservations made with less than 24 hours notice. Reservation requests that are submitted over a weekend for Monday service will be charged the Late Booking Fee.

Registration Fee

A one-time $15.00 fee will be charged for processing all new clients. This fee is non-refundable. This fee is due when you book your registration meeting. There is a $10.00 fee to meet your sitter/sitters due prior to you departure.

Home Access

LPS suggests you leave a key in a secured lock box for your sitter. You can also schedule our key pick-up and drop-off service, $12 each way, leave a key hidden in a pre-determined place, or allow entry with a garage code. LPS WILL NOT retain a copy of your house key. If you ask your sitter to keep a copy of your key, Lezlie’s Pet Sitting LLC will not be held responsible for it and if you have more than one sitter you will have to provide a key to each sitter at your expense.

Secure Areas

It is the pet-owner’s sole responsibility to pet-proof any areas of the home and/or property to which the pet has access. This includes thoroughly inspecting fences, gates, latches, doors and other devices meant to keep the pet inside or away from any ‘forbidden’ areas. The pet sitter does not assume and has no liability for any injuries the pet may sustain while in its own home.

Safe Access

It is the pet owner’s responsibility to provide safe access to their home, keeping walkways and paths, steps, and porch clear from objects and debri. We also need to safely enter with appropriately working keys, codes and lighting. All outside lighting must be working properly.

Climate Clause

Lezlie’s Pet Sitting reserves the right to adjust the thermostat, close/open windows (as long as it remains safe and secure), turn air conditioner on/off or etc. in ALL of our client’s homes if our sitters feel the climate is posing a health risk to your pet(s) in our care. Our staff will notify you if you are accessible.


We recognize that your privacy is important to you and your family. We will not, at any time, either directly or indirectly, use any information for our own benefit, disclose, or communicate, in any manner, any information to any third party.

Service Agreeemnt

Services: Personalized Pet Care Rate: Please review your invoice for your fees.

1. Ground Rules: The term Lezlie's Pet Sitting as used herein refers to the officers, owners, principals, employees, and subcontractors of the company known as Lezlie's Pet Sitting and its authorized representatives.

2. This contract authorizes Lezlie's Pet Sitting to enter the Client's home to provide the services listed herein and on the invoice, which shall be an addendum to this service contract.

3. Upon Client's request to provide services in the future via phone, email, or the on-line scheduling system, Client agrees that this contract shall be renewed or extended in its entirety, without further written authorization. The term of said renewal shall coincide with the service dates as listed on the most recent of an email confirmation or an invoice.

4. Lezlie's Pet Sitting agrees to provide the services stated herein in a reliable and trustworthy manner. In consideration of these services, and as an express condition thereof, the Client expressly waives and relinquishes any and all claims against Lezlie's Pet Sitting unless arising from deliberate negligence on the part of Lezlie's Pet Sitting or their representative(s).

5. If the pet(s) become ill and medical care is needed while under the care of Lezlie's Pet Sitting, Client authorizes Lezlie's Pet Sitting to transport the pet(s) to Client's veterinarian (or one who is available). Client authorizes Lezlie's Pet Sitting to approve any emergency treatment recommended by said veterinarian. Client authorizes Lezlie's Pet Sitting to take Client's pet(s) to an emergency clinic for animals when the Client's veterinarian is not immediately available. Client further agrees to promptly reimburse Lezlie's Pet Sitting for any expenses incurred for emergency treatment. Client releases Lezlie's Pet Sitting from any and all liabilities related to transportation, treatment and expense resulting from emergencies.

6. Client agrees to reimburse Lezlie's Pet Sitting for the purchase of materials necessary for the satisfactory performance of duties; and for any emergency expenses incurred resulting there from.

7. If Client is delayed in returning home, Client agrees to notify Lezlie's Pet Sitting of such delay, and agrees to pay Lezlie's Pet Sitting for any additional visits required until their return.

8. If Lezlie's Pet Sitting is locked out of Client's home, Client gives authorization for a locksmith service to perform any entry services as deemed necessary for Lezlie's Pet Sitting to access the home. Client further agrees to promptly reimburse Lezlie's Pet Sitting for any expenses incurred due to Lezlie's Pet Sitting being locked out due to Client error. Lezlie's Pet Sitting will make every attempt to gain access to Client's home before calling a locksmith.

9. Client agrees to not solicit any of Lezlie's Pet Sitting's employees, pet sitters, contractors or representatives for pet care, exclusive of Lezlie's Pet Sitting.

10. Client agrees to inform Lezlie's Pet Sitting in the event that any of Lezlie's Pet Sitting's employees, pet sitters, contractors or representatives solicits business from the client.

11. The Client fully understands the contents of this contract and agrees to pre-pay, except weekly walks shall be paid no later than Friday of each week, the total fees for services stated herein, and to pay any additional charges due when the service has been completed. In the event any part of this contract shall be determined to be invalid it shall have no bearing on any other part of this contract.

Client Agreement

Electronic Signature Form
I have read and understand Lezlie's Pet Sitting Policy and Procedures. I have read the above Service Agreement and I understand and agree to the terms and conditions as stated in this consent/release form.
MM slash DD slash YYYY