Dog Walking Services Roswell

Are you in need of reliable and professional dog walking services in Roswell, GA?

Look no further! At Lezlie’s Pet Sitting, we are passionate about providing exceptional care and support for your furry friend. With our experienced team of dog walkers, you can trust that your beloved pet will receive the attention, exercise, and care they deserve.

Why Choose Our Dog Walking Services in Roswell GA?

Experienced and Compassionate Staff

Our team consists of dedicated professionals who have a genuine love for animals. Each of our dog walkers is extensively trained in handling dogs of all breeds, sizes, and temperaments. We understand that every dog is unique, and we take the time to get to know your pet, their preferences, and any specific needs they may have.

Flexible Scheduling

We understand that life can get busy, and finding time to walk your dog might be a challenge. That’s why we offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate your needs. Whether you require daily walks, occasional walks, or customized packages, we can create a schedule that works best for you and your dog.

Tailored Walks for Every Dog

We believe in providing personalized care for each dog we walk. We take into account your dog’s age, energy level, and any medical conditions or limitations they may have. Whether your dog requires a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood or an energetic adventure at the local park, we tailor our walks to meet their specific needs.

Safety is Our Priority

Your dog’s safety is of utmost importance to us. Our dog walkers are trained to identify and avoid potential hazards during walks. We use secure leashes and harnesses, ensuring that your dog is always under control. We also pay close attention to their behavior, ensuring their comfort and addressing any signs of distress or fatigue.

Regular Updates and Communication

We understand that you want to stay connected with your furry friend, even when you can’t be there. That’s why we provide regular updates and communicate with you after each walk. You’ll receive notes on the walk duration, distance covered, bathroom breaks, and any notable observations. Our transparent and open communication ensures you’re always in the loop about your dog’s well-being.

Additional Services Available

In addition to dog walking, we offer a range of additional services to enhance your dog’s overall care. This includes pet sitting, feeding, administering medication, and basic grooming services. Whether you’re going out of town or simply need extra assistance, we’re here to provide comprehensive care for your canine companion.

Trusted and Reliable

With a strong reputation in the Roswell, GA community, our dog walking services are trusted by countless pet owners. We have built long-lasting relationships with our clients based on our reliability, professionalism, and genuine care for their pets. You can have peace of mind knowing that your dog is in capable hands with our team.

Contact us today to learn more about our dog walking services in Roswell, GA.

Let us take the worry out of your busy schedule and ensure that your dog receives the exercise, stimulation, and care they need to thrive. Give your furry friend the gift of a happy and healthy lifestyle with our trusted dog walking services.