Meet The Owner

Founder & OWner

Lezlie DeGan

Pets have always been a passion of mine. I have had either a cat or dog or more like cats and dogs most of my life. When it came time to re-evaluate my career choices, I was a teacher for many years, I decided that I finally wanted to do something in the pet community. Because of my deep love of dogs I believed that dog training was the place for me.

In 2007 I studied and received my certification to become a trainer. It wasn’t long before I realized I needed to do something to market myself as a trainer. As it happened, years before while we lived in California we needed to find someone to care for our two cats. At this time we had only been there for a few months and didn’t really know anyone. I happened to come across a young woman who said she was a professional pet sitter. Great! Exactly what we needed, I also thought, what a cool profession.

Fast forward to 2007, I thought, YES! pet sitting would introduce me to the community and hopefully launch my dog training business. Well, what I didn’t expect was how much I would fall in love with the pet sitting side of things. The next year I put the dog training side on hold and Lezlie’s Pet Sitting was born. It’s been an awesome journey, I have met some amazing people and their furry families. I’m proud of the work we have done, I’m blessed with many wonderful pet sitters and clients and I anticipate that Lezlie’s Pet Sitting will continue to offer exceptional pet care.

Meet The Pet Care Team

Meghan D

Meghan D

Co Owner and Pet Care Professional

Thank you for reaching out to us. I have been a pet care profession and co-owner of Lezlie’s Pet Sitting for 2 years now. Lezlie is my mom and this has been a fun and exciting time for us.

After graduating from Life University I went into the corporate world for a number of years. It was great experience because it helped me figure out what I did and did not want to do. The opportunity opened to join Lezlie’s Pet Sitting and I dove right in. During this time I also competed as a triathlete at a professional level. Running and cycling is still a passion of mine. We have 3 dogs and a sweet cat in our furry family. You will probably meet me during a meet and greet and I can’t wait to meet you and your special pets.

Ed and Liz

Ed & Liz

Pet Care Professional

Ed was born on a 100 acre working plantation and has been around animals all my life. Ed has personally owned and cared for: dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, horses, snakes, fish, cattle and birds. As a retired university professor, he has plenty of time to devote to the care of your special pets.

Liz has always been an animal lover. She has had everything from dogs and cats to fish and birds. Animals bring such a joy to life. She also loves taking care of our outside wild life around our house.

We have suet holders, 4 bird feeders and a salt lick for the visiting deer. They always make sure that the geese and ducks have plenty of corn. We always carry a pet emergency first aid kit with us, and pray we never have to use it.

Madi E

Madi E.

Pet Care Professional

If there’s one thing people remember about me, it’s my immeasurable level of compassion for all living creatures. Pet care is my full-time job and I love every second of it! In addition to working for this incredible company. I have extensive knowledge and experience with dogs and cats (and other animals) of all sizes, breeds, and ages. I keep an emergency animal rescue kit in my car which is equipped with a first aid kit and everything you can imagine just in case I come across an animal in need. I have a CPR and First Aid Certification for dogs and cats. My utmost priority will always be the health, happiness, and safety of your babies. You can rest assured knowing they will always be in great hands when they are in my care! I am the loving paw-rent of two amazing pups, one of which has needed some extra special care in regards to training (separation anxiety, resource guarding, aggression issues). Nobody wanted to keep him so he was rehomed three times before I rescued him and I’m the only one who never gave up! I look forward to caring for your very special furry family.
Maggie Pet Siiter


Pet Care Professional

Hi I’m Maggie! A Northern girl who made her way south! I have been caring for animals as long as I can remember! I’ve watched everything from dogs, cats, chickens, horses and goats and everything in between LOL. I have such a deep love and respect for the life of an animal, and that is the way I will care for every animal that I come in contact with. I am known as that girl who will take care of any feral cats I come across and yes, I do keep food in my car for the “just in case” thank you for trusting us with your fur babies! My goal in Pet Sitting is to make sure the pet parents know their babies are very well taken care of and loved while they are away️. This is the love of my life, my little girl Arielle(we are a Disney family)

Brad - Pet Sitter

Brad D.

Pet Care Professional

Hi, my name is Brad and I am a retired elementary school teacher. I’m originally from New York but have been living in Marietta for the past 27 years. I moved down to Atlanta without knowing anyone and the drive would have been lonely without my trusty pal, China Cat. Of course, once you spend all day trying to keep up with six- and seven-year-olds, keeping up with pups of any age is a breeze. China Cat has been gone for a while so with all the fun I’ve had taking care of your pets, I felt it was time to jump back in. This is Ollie, he’s a Havanese; my wife and I added him to our family when he was just a puppy. He’s bigger now and he has brought as much joy to our home as I know your furry friends bring to you.


Pet Care Professional

Hello! I’m Isabella, a recent college graduate in biology and a lover of all animals! I’ve been a pet owner and sitter for many years and love to learn ways in which I can give the best care possible. I shadowed a couple of veterinarians in high school and took classes on animal behavior during my undergraduate studies.

I have a serious passion and respect for all creatures we share our planet with! I have the most experience with cats and small pets, but I’ve had years of experience with lots of dogs as well. I would be delighted to get to know you and your pet(s) and give them more than just a walk or a water/food refill while you’re away! Rest assured that your family member will be treated as such while in our care 🙂 

Laura C

Laura C.

Pet Care Professional

My name is Laura! I’ve lived in Smyrna for the last 4 years and call it home. I’ve been walking dogs and visiting fur babies for 2 years now. Since retiring from massage therapy, taking care of cats and dogs has become as cathartic for me as massage was. Having been around animals all my life it’s a wonderful fit.
Mindy Pet Care Professional


Pet Care Professional

Mindy has been an animal lover her entire life, and has enjoyed pet sitting and dog-walking for over 30 years. However, she officially became a first time dog mom 11 years ago when she adopted her rescue, “Buzz”, who stole her heart! Mindy is looking forward to taking special care of your furry family, just like her own. (first pic)


Pet Care Professional

Zoe is an award-winning filmmaker native to Dallas, Texas. Most of her days are spent designing and making a mess on film sets. However, she is firmly of the opinion that there are not enough dogs in her life and has made it her goal to make as many fluffy friends as possible. Her morning dog walks have become perfect for solving her design problems and the dogs are excellent listeners. Outside of all her work, Zoe enjoys painting and traveling the world (usually at the same time), and leading the goofiness in her family.
Lori- About Us Page


Pet Care Professional

Hey All~My name is Lori and I am the proud mom of two sons and fur baby named Riley.  My background is is Nursing, but my passion is pets!  Not long ago, I made the decision to spend my days doing something I enjoy most and that is being with animals.  I am an animal lover to my core.  I look forward to caring for your fur kiddos and giving them a little extra love and attention while you’re away from home.

Stephanie- Meet the team


Pet Care Professional

My name is Stephanie and I am originally from Ohio. I moved down to Atlanta back in October 2018 for my current job as a dolphin trainer at the Georgia Aquarium. I am a triathlete and often times spend the majority of my free time exercising. I love doing crafts, with knitting as my number one hobby. I live with a duck tolling retriever mix named Cana and love taking her on adventures all around Atlanta! 

Zach- Meet the team


Pet Care Professional

Hello, everyone! I’m Zach, a Bachelor of Philosophy who values and respects all forms of life. While pursuing my degree, I realized what I want through the work I do: to make a positive impact within the world, to make genuine connections, and to befriend animals. Those criteria led me to working at Lezlie’s, an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything! When I’m not dog walking and pet sitting, I’m building my career as a grants writer so I can help the nonprofits I support get the funding they need to execute their missions.

Having lived with pet animals since my earliest memories, I’ve developed my ability to make genuine connections with other animals and to listen to their personal preferences and needs. As a pet care professional, I respect each pet I take care of and allow and encourage them to be their authentic selves while keeping them safe. I hope to make meaningful connections with your furry family members and to give them the quality attention they need!